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Captains and Mates Yacht Club

Captain & Mates Yacht Club is a virtual cruising club based in the best boating area in the US – the Long Island Sound, and waters of the East Coast (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Our mission is to bring people together who share a love of boating and the adventure of cruising. Our members own a variety of power and sail boats of varying sizes and we are known to be a friendly bunch willing to share our love and knowledge about boating and cruising. We schedule three weekend long getaways over the season (June, July and August) as well as other social events throughout the year. Whether you are a new or seasoned boater, Captains & Mates is a welcoming community based on our common love of boating, visiting new places and creating friends and relationships.


Our Membership dues help operate the Club as well as offset cost of activities such as brunches and dinners. We don’t have a building to maintain or staff so the focus is 100% on having a fantastic time.  Our members coordinate three getaway weekends annually and social activities throughout the year. Members are expected to attend at least two getaways each season.

Membership dues are $275 per year per boat (and a one-time initiation fee of $100). The average weekend getaway cost per couple is approximately $275 which includes dinner Friday and Saturday nights and a sail away breakfast on Sunday. Slip fees and transportation costs are separate.

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We encourage you to join us at one of our getaways or events and see for yourself: “WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!”

Interested boaters should contact Michael Katz at mkatz5678@gmail.com